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Superheros and Cartoon Voices

If you need help creating a unique superhero voice over or cartoon voice, we can generate 5 to 10 stylized voices with different personas in audition format at demo rates and then fine tune according to your specifications. Check out the demos.

This could be fun! This will be fun! This will be super fun!

Character Voices

How animated can we get? You ask. Well, how animated do you want us? Do you have a visual version of the voice you want portrayed? We can always start there. If not, let’s create a persona for the voice over you envision by creating a thorough description of how the character would look, what it would sound like and smell like. Yes stinky voices and flowery voices are part of the profession and I have been both a WarmAndWooly Lamb and a DirtyRotten Rat! The more senses we can evoke, the more likely we will make that all-critical human connection to your listener, client, customer or employee.

We might be the voice of Civil War general engrossed in the heat of battle for a time period narration in one voice over session and man who hand rolls Cuban cigars for a living in a documentary on “Life Under Castro” in the next. Variety IS the spice of my life, the color wheel of CrayonMouth.

Bringing inane objects to life is one of the many exciting challenges of professional voice acting. You can count on CrayonMouth to deliver believable character interpretations where ever voices come to life.

Contact Crayon Mouth at (615) 506-6010 for more information or to book a session.