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The Colorful Voices of Marty Morgan

Below is an example of just one of the many colorful voices by Marty Morgan (affectionately known as Crayon Mouth)

Marty Morgan and the colorful styles of CrayonMouth is where you will find the rich, and compelling voice overs you need for sports shows, radio ID packages, auto advertising, car dealerships, television promos, film trailers, commercial campaigns for radio and TV, narration, flash intro voice overs, voicemail greetings, IVR, radio and television imaging or video narration. Marty Morgan is your male voice over talent, announcer talent, narrator talent, and what we call the old fashioned pitch man when you need to communicate with the world.

We do lions and tigers and bears, ahh haa! PLUS, voice overs that sound like the guy next door, the trailer park red neck, or the King of the Swahili Land.

Pick a voice, any voice

We were once an owl hooting and the voice over announcer at the same time for a tv commercial for a restaurant chain in Birmingham. We’ve also been a bear, and a skunk and and a rat, and briefcase and a crumpled up paper bag just to name a few of the original voice over creations we’ve done behind the microphone. Whether it's voiceover for TV and radio, infomercials, audio books, message on hold, corporate training videos, documentary narration or a simple voicemail greeting for your home or business, Nashville, Tennessee is the place to find us and CrayonMouth is the voice to choose!

Accents & Dialects

From time to time we write, produce, direct or perform voice overs that are a bit un-American. Don’t be alarmed. We just mean that as a part of our colorful voice over repertoire, we have been known to assume the identity of foreign dignitaries, misplaced immigrants, folks from far away lands and different places. We live for that kind of voice over challenge.

We also like to personify the voice accents and dialect I perform as part of my voice acting presentations. Take a look at some of the accents and dialects we have been know to bring to life in the vocal booth behind the microphone.

Contact Crayon Mouth at (615) 506-6010 for more information or to book a session.