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Voice Over Facts and Fiction*

FACT: The voiceover industry has been male-dominated, but that's changing. At one time - not long ago - 90% of commercial voiceover work was performed by men. Today, that figure has changed. Women now perform more than 30% of the commercial voiceover work.

FACT: Top voiceover professionals earn mid-to-high six-figure incomes, with some of the best pulling in millions annually.

FACT: The opportunities for voice actors continue to grow. Jobs are available within the animation, commercial and film industry. There is also increasing demand for voice actors for industrial and corporate films and video, books-on-tape, audio tours, video games, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and many applications on the Internet (including audio for ads, commercial websites and podcasts).

Q: What are voice-overs?
A: Voice-overs are the spoken parts you hear in radio and tv commercials, automated telephone systems, answering machine messages, audio books, movie trailers, infomercials, training videos, video games, etc.

Q: Do I have to be a radio announcer or an actor to be successful?
A: No, not at all. There is actually a push away from the big, announcer type voices. In fact, people with normal, everyday sounding voices are in high demand> Just turn on your radio or TV and listen.

Q: Do I have to join a union and pay dues?
A: No. You can choose to be union or non-union. Most of the parts you land at first will be non-union. Generally speaking, you only see union work in the larger markets.

Q: Do I need an agent or a manager?
A: No. Many voice actors never have agents and are able to successfully manage themselves

* I wish to Thanks Voicetrax of San Fancisco and The VoiceOverWorkShop  in Vernon, CT for the facts supplied in the above section