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Select any voice over category below to listen to samples. Like a jukebox...I provide the quarters.

Now it’s time to let the proverbial rubber meet the road. It’s listening time. This is where we hope you come to the conclusion that voice overs from Crayon Mouth can help you avoid sounding like everyone else. In fact, we hope you conclude that our voice overs are the perfect way to connect to your audience. Listen for the emotional appeal in each of our voice samples; it’s what we call “connectability”.

Select the voice over category you are most interested in and listen to the samples in the demo archive.

For a complete audio reel for your desk reference simply drop me an email at marty@crayonmouth.com and we will ship you your own personal Crayon Mouth Voice Over Demo Reel.

Contact Crayon Mouth at (615) 506-6010 for more information or to book a session.