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Submit A Name for the Crayon Mouth logo.

We’d love to have the perfect name for the Crayon Mouth Mascot. That would be the big round faced character with a mouth full of big crayons for teeth that you see all of this colorful voice over site.

So during your spare time (like you actually have some), please submit a name that you think captures the colorful character that is my logo.

The Winning Name Will Receive...

I promise it will be something good. Probably like a Crayon Mouth long sleeved
t-shirt or mug, coloring books, tickets to a Lorrie Morgan concert, or a vacation getaway to Maui if I happen to land the Geico account this year.
Know what I mean?

Seriously. Have some fun. Drop your name in the hat.

Each month 5 finalists will be selected and at the end of the year we will choose the winner from this batch of entries.

Kindly & Colorfully,
Marty aka CrayonMouth