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Our rates are determined per project using the following standard guidelines:
Marty Morgan is typically paid on an hourly basis for voice acting. Rates for the first hour normally range between $300-500. For sessions lasting longer than an hour, rates for each additional hour are normally between $200-350.


Base Rate*

Local or Regional :15,:30 or :60 $200
New York, LA, Chicago :15,:30 or :60 $300
National :15,:30 or :60 $1,000


Base Rate*

Local or Regional :15,:30 or :60 $300
New York, LA, Chicago :15,:30 or :60 $500
National :15,:30 or :60 $2,000


*Rate Details and Limitations

  • Television animation, Non Broadcast Corporate, Industrial and Educational Work, Interactive Media/Multimedia and Audiobooks quoted upon request.
  • Station Promotions and Station Imaging rates comparable to standard performance rates.
  • Above rates based on unlimited airing in 13 week cycles.
  • All rates are subject to negotiation

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Final Delivery of Your Voice Over Product

Specify your preferred file format:

  • WAV File
  • MP3
  • IAF
  • Other

We’ll email the files to you, upload to your FTP site or send via courier with your account number and billing details provided.

Your Satisfaction is my #1 Goal. Call the Mouth at (615) 506-6010 to book a session.

Marty Morgan (known as Crayon Mouth) is now the announcer and voice talent for the reality hunting show Wildgame Nation (Listen to a Sample)