Voice Over Artist Marty Morgan Has Hundreds of Voice Over Styles to Choose From.

Do You Believe? – A Christmas Narrative


American Indian

Our Voice Over Descriptions and Terms for Stirring Your Imagination.

The Box Just Got Bigger.

Capabilities Profile: Biblical Voice Over. Animal Voice Over. Folksy. Talking. Big Dumb Guy Voice. Hillbilly Voice. Voice of Reason. Sportscaster. News Anchor. Voice of The Weatherman. Prim and proper voices sounding all uppity. Sincere and gentle voice you can trust. Crazy Cowboy. Lonesome Cowpokes. Red hot lover’s voice. Mister Smooth Voice. The Head Coach’s Voice. Scary Monster Voice. Nutty and zaney sounding comical voices that make you laugh and smile. Airline Pilot’s Voice. The Voice of Authority for big business presentations and corporate training films. Voices with animated deliveries. Soft sell. Hard sell. No sell -No pressure. Hippy sounding dudes. Artsy fartsy snooty guys. An assertive Man’s Man voice. And we can do some outstanding character voices that are very different sounding from other male voiceover actors. Please hear Voiceover Samples from Marty Morgan. Select Demos and Voice Samples to hear Marty Morgan voice over work.

Consider our voice talent for Audio Books, Narration, Podcasting, Corporate Film and Video Narration, DVD Video Voice, Documentaries, Radio Station Voice Imaging, Movie Trailer Voice, Announcer, Business Presentations, Training Videos, Internet Voice Overs and In Store Automated Voice Announcements.

Male Voice Over Talent Marty Morgan (aka CrayonMouth) offers exciting voices for vacation getaways, theme parks and roller coaster fun. Our romantic voice is ideal for fine dining, cruises and jewelry and special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Get that back woods voice over for rugged outdoor products. Game show host voices. Sleepy story time voices. Sexy voice. Mad voice. Glad voice. Cuddle up by the fire place voice. Hunting stories come to life with great wilderness voice. Deep, guttural tones. Help selling autos, appliances, real estate, food, clothing, soft drinks, candy, movies and books with expressive, articulate, distinctive voices that range from conversational and casual to exaggerated  and emotional. We do religious and medical narration with proper pronunciation, diction and intonation.

Marty Morgan (known as Crayon Mouth) is now the announcer and voice talent for the reality hunting show Wildgame Nation (Listen to a Sample)