“It reminded me a lot of Burl Ives…”

“We loved “Do You Believe?” The kids and I listened to it and really brought the whole season back…would love to play it for the family annually! It was Awesome.”

– Jennifer H. Ellerman, Willamette, IL

Do You Believe? – A Christmas Narrative

Marty Morgan’s voice is perfectly convincing when it comes to telling a story

This simple, under-produced voice over narrative reflecting on the Christmas Miracle was an unscripted production released on Facebook for the 2011-2012 Holiday Season.

It was performed and produced by Marty Morgan for the enjoyment of family and friends.

As a result of the out pouring of appreciation and the overwhelmingly emotional response it generated, it is now being featured on this site as a prime example of narative art form you can expect from the multi-colored voices of CrayonMouth.

Josh Groban music from the holiday classic CD “NOEL” provides the back drop for this re-telling of the story of Christ’s birth, and asking the question : “Do you believe it really happened like this”?

As voice acting goes, this particlar rendition is both genuinely sincere and powerfully evocative. Repeating the question again and again with growing emotional strain, the narrator captures the listener from the first word and doesn’t let go until the story is complete. And in the end, the answer to the question is convincingly revealed.

Because it was unscripted, the delivery is both spontaneous and from the heart as Marty tells the story from memory in his own words. No script. Just open the microphone, hit the record button and the let the background music and the spirit of the season move the narrative from one scene to another.

If you have a need for a passionate, and captivating story-telling voice for your audio book, docu-drama, narration or webcast listening to the voice talent of Marty Morgan in this production could be as far as you need to look.

Enjoy. And keep a little Christmas spirit in your heart throughout the year!

Every day people react to the recounting of the Christmas Miracle

“Oh yes! I felt the magic. I passed it on and hope it touches other people the way it touched me.”
– Sue Anne Bartocci McConnell, Anahiem, CA

“The reading touched my heart…it was really GREAT! It reminded me of some of the stories I heard told on TV when I was a child and the voice made the story. One nararator, in particular, Burl Ives, he had such expression, he could bring you to tears with his strong, comfortable voice, and you did the same.”
– Debra Dane Bateman, Nashville, TN

“Keep up the great work Marty. I’m looking forward to more of these! Would love to see you start a series.”
– Stuart Westphal, Russelville, KY

“Congratulations. Beautiful job with Do You Believe?“
– Melissa Rohwedder, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“What a gift…captivating and thought provoking! I closed my eyes as I listened to it and could visualize everything! A quick 15 minutes! Thanks for the gift.”
– Gina Gill, Dayton, OH

“Excellent, Marty! I was drawn in quickly and captivated…….[my wife] listened and loved it also.”
– Robert Rucker, Nolensville, TN

Marty Morgan (known as Crayon Mouth) is now the announcer and voice talent for the reality hunting show Wildgame Nation (Listen to a Sample)