Three image of Marty Morgran recording Voice Overs in solid color shirts: Orange, Blue, and Green

Book a Session and How to Pay

Marty Morgan offers colorful and creative voice over talent services from a fresh voiceover artist who is not over exposed.

The easiest way to book CrayonMouth voiceover performances by Marty Morgan for a voice over session is call direct;
Mobile: (615) 506-6010

Nashville Representation

Nashville Talent Trek Agency
Phone: (615) 279-0010 (ask for Robin)

Payment Method

We accept checks, money orders, credit cards and PayPal. Generally we will invoice you through our PayPal account and this will allow you to pay us by credit card or with your own PayPal funds. It’s convenient and easy.

Picture of Visa Card Mastercard American Express and Discover Card

Please submit payment online or contact us for alternate arrangements. We will work with you to make any desired changes and the balance will be due upon your approval of the completed recording. Your custom voice over project will be prepared and shipped promptly. We hope you will pay in the same manner.

Final Delivery of Your Voice Over Product

Specify your preferred file format:

  • WAV File
  • MP3
  • IAF
  • Other

We’ll email the files to you, upload to your FTP site or send via courier with your account number and billing details provided.

Your Satisfaction is my #1 Goal. Call the Mouth at (615) 506-6010 to book a session.

Marty Morgan (known as Crayon Mouth) is now the announcer and voice talent for the reality hunting show Wildgame Nation (Listen to a Sample)